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Top 5 Free Online Marketing Tools for a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

As a real estate virtual assistant, utilizing free online marketing tools can take you a long way. Though it takes some time to acquire the necessary skills to master the tools, it’s still worth your effort. These online tools become your partners when you work on your client’s important tasks. My experience in these tools […]

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5 Important Tasks to Outsource to a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Being a real estate agent, you must be swamped with appointments with your prospective clients. Showing homes or organizing open houses, even just generally meeting up to get to know interested parties for the first time can fill up your weekly schedule. To add to these very important tasks, you also need to keep a […]

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5 Ways to Work Well with Your Real Estate Virtual Assistants

  A good working relationship with your real estate virtual assistant (VA) from the Philippines brings a lot of benefits at work. The workplace becomes a happy place because no task is dragging or difficult to do because your VA is motivated to work which, in return, helps you become more productive as a real […]

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Benefits of Hiring Real Estate Virtual Assistants from the Philippines

  Real estate agents and brokers need virtual assistants’ business support to generate more income. To outsource essential business functions to VAs means to be able to compete in your specific market. VAs help you find time to deal with customers and not to be stuck with piles of work on your table. Hiring real […]

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What To Outsource to Real-Estate Assistants in the Philippines

As real-estate agents, you need to know how to maximize the professional skills of your virtual assistants (VAs) from the Philippines. Big or small real-estate firms benefit a lot from outsourcing. Outsourcing to the Philippines is a good choice because of the quality of work provided by VAs from the Philippines. Whatever the reason for […]

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How a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Brings the Best in You

Real Estates agents possess outstanding interpersonal skills displayed by their ability to understand their clients’ concerns and negotiate with people involved in the property selling-buying process. Whether you are a listings agent or a buyer’s agent, talking to prospects, inspecting homes, hosting open houses, presenting and negotiating offers on behalf of your clients are among […]

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Real Estate Blog Commenting: 4 Effective Practices for a Fruitful Link Building Campaign

Establishing a solid online presence is undoubtedly invaluable nowadays when the internet is the first place where people look for information. This is especially true for real estate agents as web visitors’ chance of conversion from online leads to actual clients is high. Creating an interactive, user friendly, and professional looking website is a must. […]

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Why Real Estate Agents Hire Real Estate Assistants

Real estate assistants help real estate agents save time, money and effort

Economic struggles over the years have caused business owners to employ some serious changes for their companies’ survival. Real estate agents are not immune to these situations. The need to lower expenditures and avoid unnecessary spending to optimize funds are a major consideration. With quality of service to all clients still being the main priority, […]

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