Top 5 Free Online Marketing Tools for a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

As a real estate virtual assistant, utilizing free online marketing tools can take you a long way. Though it takes some time to acquire the necessary skills to master the tools, it’s still worth your effort. These online tools become your partners when you work on your client’s important tasks. My experience in these tools […]

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself before Selling Your Home

There comes a time when the idea of selling your home can pop into your mind. Maybe, you want to start fresh and move on from something. Others may realize that owning more than one home is actually more of a liability than a convenience. Most of the time, people decide to sell their home […]

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5 Ways to Work Well with Your Real Estate Virtual Assistants

  A good working relationship with your real estate virtual assistant (VA) from the Philippines brings a lot of benefits at work. The workplace becomes a happy place because no task is dragging or difficult to do because your VA is motivated to work which, in return, helps you become more productive as a real […]

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How to Post Real Estate Ads on Craigslist

Here’s a short video that shows how to post real estate ads on Craigslist. In this video, HTML codes are used to have a customized and more appealing ad, so you might also want to check out a related blog post: How to Generate HTML Codes for Craigslist Ads.

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How to Generate HTML Codes for Craigslist Ads

Are you tired of looking at your boring Craigslist ads? You can actually make your plain text ads look good by customizing font styles, adding images and hyperlinks, and more.  Here’s a video to show you how.

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