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How to Generate HTML Codes for Craigslist Ads

Are you tired of looking at your boring Craigslist ads? You can actually make your plain text ads look good by customizing font styles, adding images and hyperlinks, and more.  Here’s a video to show you how.

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Real estate market has hit sweet spot for both buyers and sellers

This post originally appeared on    Ready to sell your home? In the market to buy one? Now is the time, industry watchers say. The stable economic outlook has encouraged financial institutions to loosen their grip on lending. Near-record-low interest rates are encouraging Hoosiers to test the waters. With buyers flooding the market, existing home […]

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What Rising Rates Mean for the Mortgage Market

This post originally appeared on The refi boom may be coming to an end. Since the Federal Reserve began pushing down rates in early 2009, refinancing has accounted for more than half of all new mortgages and in some periods has represented almost 80 percent of all new loans. Now, with the economy slowly […]

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Three Tips for Avoiding Closing-Day Glitches

Avoiding Closing-Day Glitches

This post originally appeared on Closing day is the most exciting day in the home-buying process. The long journey is finally over, and you will sign your papers and get your keys. Once you’ve been told that your home mortgage has a closing date, you may want to move in immediately. But while most […]

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Real Estate Practical Photography Tips You Can Do – Part Two

From our previous post, we talked about the first set of real estate practical photography tips that you can use. This time, we’ll talk more about what you can do to improve not only your photography skills in real estate, but as well as your management in organizing your post-production process.

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Real Estate Practical Photography Tips You Can Do

Photgraphy for real estate is different as compared to shooting portrait shots outdoors. Most real estate agents know they need pictures to show clients and on their website if they have one. But, what most of them don’t know is they need to take good and compelling pictures to blow the minds of potential leads […]

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Unless inventories grow, demand for housing will keep the pressure on prices

This post originally appeared on the Economist’s Outlook Blog. Did You Know: Inventories are declining at a slower pace, but unless inventories grow, demand for housing will keep the pressure on prices and the balance of the market in favor of sellers.

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Commission discounts can bring sellers out of the woodwork

This article was originally written by Teresa Boardman and published in Inman News. The market has indeed shifted. But this isn’t anything like the shift that happened when the housing market crashed, and we entered the Great Recession and housing depression. This market shift had been a positive experience. Prices are rising, but are well […]

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